Thursday, July 26, 2007

One more PhD!!!

Today, Ananta (Adhikari) Sir defended his PhD thesis from the Department of Nanoscale science and Engineering. He was way far nervous and excited (in the words of his advisor). We all enjoyed his presentation.

There was severe problem with the projector display. Adding the pressure on the presenter. We tried changing three laptops and nine trial people. Finally there was some one who made it. The cable was unplugged! (sounds simple?)

After he was done, we went for lunch to chinese buffet on the western Ave.

I am glad in the sense that one more Nepali student is getting a PhD Degree.

His wife was also present at the presentation and lunch.

Congratulations to him!!!


I am afraid that the blog is going to be a definitive one, but I am committed that I will not be definitive.

However, a "how to" will be OK.

How to put rss feed:

(******* COPY THE TEXT BELOW AND PASTE INTO NOTEPAD AND SAVE WITH .rss extension*****************)

//(********code start*********)

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(?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>

(rss version="0.91">


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//(********************* code finished***************************)

Thanks to Til!


NOTE: THE links provided never means that I have read and understood everything


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