Sunday, July 29, 2007

Time evolution of Taste

Sense of "loving"/or "hating" something depends upon the degree of freedom. Everyone in the world is free to enjoy this, if the world is really free place to live.

Under the situations of developments from the very childhood, we develop some kind of our own taste which is strongly influenced by the environment on which one is growing up. One of my friend had forwarded me a power point slide show of situations where some kids were simply unhappy because they were not provided with their “favourite sport shoes”; while on the other part of the world, kids had to walk without the sandles. This is still true.

Analysis of these can go everywhere.

In anyway, we do develop a sense of taste.

An important aspect of this taste is that it takes a definite shape and stays there. My question is does such taste evolve with time? The examples are social beliefs and customs of myths.

How many of us would really love to switch the choices ?

For example, when I was growing up, I listened a lot of pop music and thus was very attached to it. Later, when I resumed on to the habit of music, It had changed a lot!!!

I just could not listen the rap and hip hop, which my nephew loved.

I was shocked to see the fact that I was really isolated by some reasons of my taste, that I had been avoiding the rapid popularities of that kinds of music. I may have tuned my FM when time for such music had come and simply avoided the infection onto myself by clinging on the same fashion.

I had to develop a great bar of tolerance to listen and to start to feel little bit comfortable with rap and hip-hop.

I can see many people who will simply avoid new developments and mask the developments of such fields and to get thrilled (finally) by the strong existence of such pre-avoided things around in the atmosphere. The face to face encounter in such case may generate enormous amount of reactions.

The problem is that the world is so small but so vague that one can not pay attention to it.

I am interested in how and who generates the new tastes? Has it to be a part of famous accidents or experiments or the time evolution?

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