Friday, September 5, 2014

Solution to "system administrator has blocked one drive" in Windows 8.x

Windows 8.1 System does not directly allow the use of skydrive. At least that's what I found when I tried to open the onedrive (skydrive)

Here is the solution on how to get out of the situation

  1. Press the Windows key (start menu) type in gpedit.msc, this will open the Group Policy Object (GPO) on  the Windows 8.1 machine.
  2. Goto Computer Configuration, Administrative Templates, Windows Components, and Onedrive/Skydrive
  3. Double-click Prevent the usage of SkyDive for file storage.
  4. Disable the prevent thigy, and click OK.
  5. Close Group Policy Editor.
(Did it work for you?)


  1. Thanks! I was fine until I updated to a new preview build of Windows 10, but your post fixed the problem immediately. Thanks a ton!

  2. good job man!! it worked for me!!!

  3. You star!! Working for me.

  4. hi - any idea where this may be on a windows 7 machine please?

  5. Worked for me too. Thank you for clear instructions.


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