Monday, September 1, 2014

Spotlight turning crazy after latest updates in MacOSX

So, my mac has restarted couple many times without warning. I wrote about it last time here
The stripes seen on the screen and the GPU panic records indicated that the motherboard might be in trouble. Went to apple met a genius who ran diagnostic "MRI" to verify the hardware is OK (with the greens except the RAM in yellow, which I upgraded from 4GB to 8GB).

Now we went back to the 10.9.4, I want to actually go to 10.8. But let's give it a shot.
Just documenting what else did I do to prevent the restart and did not work.

I started out by killing everything else in the computer that was not being used. No success there. The shutdown/restart is random. Sometimes in the middle of typing. Am I stroking it hard?

Also bought a cooling fan for the laptop. Helps to control the heating. Installed Temperature monitor and wrote a small script to monitor the temperature trends and if restart correlates with the temperature. Not much success there.

Since the spotlight was running wild, most of the time, I disabled it. But a mac without spotlight is not fun experience.
I did this to turn off the spotlight indexing, which I thought was eating up my computer. (I mean 8GB RAM, and 2.4GB intel i5... come on!!!)
sudo mdutil -a -i off
This also did not help, obviously.

So, I booked an appointment at apple, and went back to the os before updates. Lets see...

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