Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Google Blogger can Improve on nav-bar

Google's Blogger has potential area to be worked on and developed.

The nav-bar has been there and have been more or less ignored to the extend that many prefer to hide it instead of keeping it.

Few usages:

  1. Get me the "next blog"  by similar tag/subject.  Make visiting "next blog" credit based. Put some incentives on visiting next blog.  It is similar idea to MyBlogLog or even stumbleupon, but worth trying!
  2. Bring Friend connect to Nav-bar. The follow and share has been added but has not impacted the audience yet.
  3. Fuse the above two ideas!
All the best!


They just announced a new dashboard.


  1. Instead of Random blog with "next Blog" link, Like your idea of similar to stumbleupon!
    Blogger is improving (very fast). Lets see how it goes..

  2. I wish this idea could be sold to Big G!


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