Friday, January 3, 2014

What I was talking about in the later half of 2013?

I wanted to look back into the second half of the 2013, and see what I was doing then in twitter.
A word cloud from wordle, was helpful.

click for larger version
It seems that I have been posting a lot of photo, and twitter is picking that up since I directly feed the tumblr/instagram posts into it. Similarly, there seems to be a lot of intereactions with tweepals:
@nepalitimes, @aakarpost, @ushaft, @salokya, @pashan @nayalahure, @tjmahat etc. I believe these interactions are due the daily version of Nepal in Twitter/ Hamrocircle etc. A lot of Retweets are also seen in there.
The circles appearing in the pictures are due to the devnagarik script. This indicates increasing trend of myself interacting in Nepali.

What does it mean for 2014?
Well, One: More interactions. More contents are needed.

This one from ajabgajab blog
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