Friday, December 28, 2007

From Kathmandu!

I came out of the airport with a half T-shirt hanging on my body. It was only 7degree Celcius. I saw many people on the airport on jacket and warm clothes. I was not convinced that it was "cold" out here. I have been to -30degree (which feels like -42C with wind chill).
I felt a little chill, for sure. But was enjoying the chill. "That is ok".
With only one luggage bag and a hand carry and a back pack, I had cleared the custom office.
So, formally and officially I had entered the Nepali land.
As I came out of the luggage claim I found myself in the middle of fellow peoples willing to help me. I said,"I have no paper money, so you will be feeling bad at last; and I can carry these bags". They said,"We won't mind". Actually three people wanted to drag the single bag, but I managed that only one would drag it and was sure that I will convince him of my no-money situation in the purse. I was still confused, I showed him my purse. I had a 10 Ruppes plastic note in my purse and another was a 20 dollar bill. He said whatever that money was, he would accept that. (A great heart???) I said to myself,"Hell !; this is the 20 dollars!".
He was still not convinced. I kept repeating that I was mere a student, I had no change money with me and that I did not carry paper money since I used card. He was determined to drag my bags. Till I could say anything anymore, I was already standing in front of all the taxi drivers, all greeting and wanting me to take into their taxies. I am the single one, how can I travel in so many taxies at the same time? I still had not paid the first guy, I saw a familiar face there and borrowed some money to give him, he was not so happy but had not time to discuss with me since he had to run for the another run. Back to taxi services, When I spoke my destination, which was only at 3 kilometers, they said the charge was 500 Ruppes and that was non-negotiable!
Specially reduced for me.

Finally, I could convince that I was a student and could not pay them that much, but would rather walk down or call my brother to bring one from outside the airport, one bidded at 350. After which everyone was his enemy. I felt bad. As I was bargaining for something which seemed ridiculously expensive. Well, it is only 5.5 Dollars or so. But is expensive, trust me. I managed him to agree at 300. As we started moving out,
One of the guy was still hanging on the window, and was asking if I could tip him as he "escorted" me to the taxi. I said sorry!
This is the exact picture of the airport scene.
When I started to speak with the Driver, as I usually do, he was able to convince me that 300 Ruppes for these three kilometer journey was reasonable since the price of the Petrol had hiked to 80 Rs. per liter.
I was observing the smokes coming out of the trucks shining by the head light.

This song by Chris Daughtry is really nice. It says "I am going home!" it represents my enthusiasm before coming outta the plane.


  1. glad to know that you reached home safely.
    the situation you mentioned at the airport is real scene.

    all the best for your time there

  2. He he - I would have been really tempted to walk in that situation if I only needed to go 3 km. I always pack light so I can walk if I have to and I go prepared with more than a T-shirt on to a mountainous place :)

    Good luck with your PhD studies & enjoy your trip!

  3. i wanna be home too...sad could not be there this winter..hopefully nesxt time..have a wonderful time while at home..


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