Monday, May 14, 2012

Nepali Fonts in Android: install read and type

1. This is how I installed devnagari scripts (or as some call it: "nepali fonts") in Android.
The tutorial is available here: However, this requires root access. If you are not much into playing with the root, stay away! Dangers ahead!

2. A much simpler way to read devnagari scripts in android is to install Opera mini browser.
The setting explained here:
But then typing.

3. There is also another post by aakartech on installing multiling to type in the devnagari scripts:

Below I show you the side by side comparison of the first and second methods:
 The left is default browser showing nepali news site after installing fonts by method 1.  The right shows the Opera browser after modifications suggested by method 2. The first method clearly beats the second. And if you wanted to type: use the third method.

Aakar already has posted the third method. Since I was confused while I was installing it, let me add little more snapshots just for references.

Four screenshots: allow, enable, long press (400 ms), and type. It is not handy at all to me.

I would rather go back to google's transliterations. Or, type in browser using the method here.

The next app we need in market is roman2nepali keyboard.  Somebody just do it, come on! 


  1. Nice post on installing nepali font on android. For online purpose This Nepali unicode could be valuable.

  2. Thanks for sharing this! You could also visit for online Nepali typing and Nepali Unicode.


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