Thursday, May 17, 2012

If you work+sit in an office desk, please walk!

About 100 years ago John Elfreth Watkins, civil engineer, predicted that "Everybody will walk 10 miles a day" [see here what else was predicted ]. Of course that is not happening. To add more to the non-walking culture, now a seat steered-segway-like mobility device has been invented.

While it is absolutely good for person with disabilities, I am not sure if these will be used in the offices by healthy people as shown in the video:

People: please walk! I am looking at the video and remembering the WALL-E kind of hover chairs with big people on it.
Thats why I had sketched a stick man stretching. Reminding myself.
Eight stretch that Blogger.Dai recommends.
Can you predict how much people will be walking everyday in the next century?
Anyone going to be on their hover chairs?

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