Thursday, August 25, 2011

Unicode in URL, really? @nayapatrica

Not to pick on any particular website/magazine, but unicode in url? really (@nayapatrica) nayapatrika??

For example:कहाँ-छन्-युवा-%3F.html
Which is:

I know that with the advent of unicode you can do anything like this:सहयोग-गर्छु-भन्दा-पनि-नपाईने-thukka
But, it is not fun!

I   recall  Nagariknews once had unicode nepali in their url. Now they handle it better.

All the news of ekantipur can be just browsed by changing the newsid in their urs:
(no one does it, just a note)

I like the style of kamana prakashan because it makes life easier to browse  the archive.
Just change the 931 to 930  and you get older news archive.

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