Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another case of innovative Facebook spam App

Yesterday @aakarpost tweeted...
"फेसबुकमा मेरो फोटो को पोष्टकार्ड बनाएर ह्याप्पी तिज भन्न थाले ! अति गर्छन् यार !"

I thought: well he is a star, so no wonder if people/ladies go crazy (on teez :P )!

Today, I saw similar message on my wall. 
Half dozen other friends also saw the similar post and they all "liked" them.
Having seen similar wall post before,  it clicked to me:
It is a spammy app for sure!

The trick here is to show the picture of the person looking into the app. This makes the post virtually likeable by anyone who is viewing it. No wonder other people liked it because they were thinking that the first person wished him/her.

Need to spam friend?
There is an app for that...

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