Sunday, July 3, 2011

Google+ suggestion

I have a suggestion to Google+ (G+) developers.

I am sure that Google is listening to the community feedback.
The noise level must have been quite high with a lot of "great!" or "facebook killer" comments. Now that I have also seen few G+ related posts in hamrocircle. However, this post is not about great features of G+.

The notification system of G+ is quite overwhelming (because it is new) and (a bit) annoying at the moment. The noisy notification was one of the thing which turned me off the Buzz. Currently, I have put a filter that filters every notifications from the G+.  There is an option to uncheck all the notification in the system. However, I recommend a solution that there should be an option to turn the daily digest for the notification.  This is not a new idea. Such option is available if Google Groups. I use that feature and is handy.
Abriged Email option in the Google Group.
Dai wonders if G+ team can copy that piece of the code into G+ system. 

Being able to turn on the daily digest in G+ setting will keep me updated, while not annoying me.  I would love that feature the best because I mostly like to read about the activities of my circles.

PS: I am sure that G+ is designed for lively interaction. There must be bunch of people waiting for a response to jump into it and go back and forth. I am suggesting the daily digest  for people who are interested in social interaction for educational purposes. Educating oneself about the good things the network brings. 

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