Saturday, July 2, 2011

Into the Fifth Year of Hobby Blogging

This ajabgajab blog (first post) has entered into the fifth year of its journey.
I used to do yahoo360 in 2005/2006. Around 2005, I had opened a "blogspot" blog, just out of curiosity,  in the old blogger. However, after I rediscovered blogger in 2007, there was no reason to go back to 360 because 360 was just mediocre. The best I liked about blogger platform was the simplicity, adaptability and flexibility.  Since then, the layout has been changed, may be a dozen times. Quite few many widgets has appeared and disappeared. The current one has been hanging around for long time now. Basically, because I do not have time to play with the changes.

I started it as a hobby, to write whatever I felt like. If you want to know the theme, that is it. I accept that at times, the writing was not so clearly understandable. Mostly because the first draft never saw the second revision.  The excuse: I am not a professional blogger. However, during it's peak time, it was ranked to within the 100k limit in alexa (currently not).
Currently, there are 455 posts and 37 drafts in the dashboard. The posts, I liked are labeled as ilike.

Besides, this one, I have few other blogs:

I hopt to continue writing and ramble around for sometime. The frequency may decrease, but will not cease!

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  1. ड्राफ्टमा ३७ पोस्ट ??? (मेरोमा एउटा पनि २-३ दिन भन्दा बढि रहन पाउँदैन ) :)

    ब्गलमा पाँच वर्ष पुरा गर्नु भएकोमा हार्दिक बधाई !!

  2. Just like yours, I've started my blog from yahoo 360.

    Many many congratulations :)

  3. Thanks for the wises.

    @ Dilip Sir,
    Drafts: yes, they are incomplete ideas etc. Need to revise them.

    @ Aakar,
    360 was a good start, but it lacked so much bells and whistles.

  4. N K M zee .. congratulations & happy 5th anniversary @ blog.
    happy blogging .........


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