Sunday, July 3, 2011

Circlehack your Facebook Friends

One of the cool factor of the Google plus was the feature of circle.  Being able to group contacts in different circle was definitely a nice feature over the facebook (FB).

Few clever people thought of doing it the other way around.
Thus,  circlehack!

The app requires few permissions, looks fine.
Once you enable, you can add your FB friends in circle.
Although it is not the facebook product, circlehack provides one of the feature that facebook lacked in comparison to Google+.
Screenshot, click on the image to see bigger version.

There are few improvements yet to be done:

  • One can add to the circle, but can not remove. Being able to modify the circle would be great.  
  • Zooming into Circles (does Google+ have that feature?)
  • Nice animation features of Google+ are missing. But is OK.

All of the comments above becomes irrelevant once I learn that it was an overnight project (phew!).

Informed via techcrunch
The source is available at:

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