Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Google's Wave: came as tsunami... gone like ?

Google's much hyped wave has failed!
In the beginning, it was restricted to invited people... creating natural invitation pressure pool to pull people. Later, once people joined, people started to realize that it was not going to be anything like facebook killer or so. The projected height of the wave just proved to be a hype.
In the recent blog post in Google Blog, they are saying that they will close it down by the end of the year.

Bye bye wave!


  1. I didn't find exact words or phrase in English. But there is a very perfect saying in Hindi, which goes like this: 'टायँ-टायँ फिस्स' !

    I remember, at first I was dying to get an invitation or even a 'glimpse' of it, but now... I've already forgotten when did I last used it:)

    Heard that Google is lunching 'Google me'. Best wishes Google for the success of 'Google me'

  2. Dilip Sir,

    You are right!
    It is gone just like 'टायँ-टायँ फिस्स' !


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