Saturday, February 6, 2010

Facebook Hacked?

Just for a moment, I think it was.
My history shows that I was actually redirected to hacked page...
I landed on the page with various offers...
while trying to get out of the page I had another prompt:
Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?
Would you like more information?  Call 1-877-215-0994
Press OK to continue, or Cancel to stay on the current page


  1. Awesome blog, i was very impressed by the layout!
    Check mine at
    or even add me in a blogroll ;D

  2. I guess they're not hacked but someone made a mirror site that tried to copy the original site so beware.

  3. Oh brother. I hate hackers. Including "Pedro" your first commenter, I include pointless advertising commenters in that category too.

  4. @ Bonnie, I a allowed Pedro because it did not have hotlink.


    I believe no one will go to his site looking at that comment only.


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