Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kathmandu is colder, I am convinced.

I came out of the Tribhuvan Intl Airport in a half T-shirt.
I was talking to my family in half T-shirt, even after 3 hrs of my entry into Kathmandu.
Everyone was wearing warm clothes. My T-shirt was a good one of the last summer. Everyone asked me whether it was not so cold.
I could not convince myself that 7 degree celcius is cold enough to make you feel cold.
The two consecutive nights I struggled with the 56K dial up. To catch up with the Emails and updates. The nice jet lag won't allow me to sleep and to wake me up completely. My biological clock was confused. Giving a lot of false triggers to sleep and to wake up.
Those two nights, I think, have led deep impact into my biological system. Now I feel that my bones are cold. I mean I can feel the coooold inside of me. I am to blame the weather of Kathmandu too (and of course my negligence on the power of coldness).

In anyway, I am enjoying the fluctuations, just thinking that this cold will not invite fever.

Wish you a hot n HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008.


  1. यहाँ यस्तै हो, चिसो छ , अनि चिसो मा पनि नेग्लिजेन्स गर्ने त??

  2. भाई कहाँ गायब हो गए नेपाल आने के बाद।

  3. आह! हजुर ले त पहिलो टाइम म संग यस्तो मिठो तरिकाले कुरा गर्नु भयो मन पर्यो। now you know my nepali?


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