Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I am up, Ubuntu 8.10 | Firefox still crashes for more than 20 tabs

The Open Office 3.0 is available!

I still do not have it for ubuntu (I have downloaded for the windows).

By the way, I have upgraded Ubuntu 8.04 -> 8.10. Took me one hour through the connection.

I want the following out of the box: right now...
  • get Openoffice 3.0
  • remove the unwanted files and folders

I have noticed some inherent problems with the system. As it is not working properly for some cases like sudden log out, and same while trying to open n number of tabs at the same time in firefox 3.x
where n >12 and x = y; y =current version available in 8.10.
My problem is that if windows can open 12 or more tabs at the same time, why not you ??? (Dear Ubuntu.)
May be on saturdays, I will try to see if I will format it. Depends, I don't have some spare hours to get it done.
However, I would recommend you to try it.

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