Sunday, November 2, 2008

Day Light Savings: What time is it now?

I tried to sleep late. Looked into the at&t mobile to find that it was 10 AM.
I became proud of myself. I said "nice!" It had been very long time since I slept till 10AM in the Sunday Morning.

My Ubuntu was showing me that it was 9AM. I thought, hell! they forgot to fix the daylight savings into updates or so. They have not been able to update openoffice 3.0 for me too. I could, however, see that there was update available. I thought it might be the daylight savings update for my computer. It said openoffice update failed! That means either they have not fixed the daylight saving case or at&t was fishy!
The WMHT station is playing in the background said me it was 9AM!!!
That was enough!!!
I looked into msnbc.
I was then convinced that at&t was down!
And, it is confirmed !!

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