Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mission Possible: Locating Nepali Physicists Around the Globe

At least two dozens of Nepali Physics Students with Masters in their hand flow out of country: Every Year. The trend started Nearly six years back and is continuing and the trend is growing.
However, there are no records, on who went where and what one has been doing. The question is "How many Nepali PhD students in Physics?" Of course, there had been several other attempts like this.
Me and My friend was having some discussion about these.
Suddenly, I came up with an idea of placing them in google Map. It required a little bit of work, but it is now in track.

We have put it into this form:

View Larger Map

Note: Because there are several people in the same department, one dot sometimes means 6 people.
But, in anyway, we now have idea!
(Thanks Amit! for nice co-operation.)

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  1. लौ, सरहरुको भेला कहिले हुँदैछ नि अब ???


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