Thursday, August 28, 2008

HAMRO CIRCLE: Active Nepali Blogs
The concept behind the site is the fact that there are some directories in the internet, but they lack updates. They do not care whether the blog has not been updated for centuries or not. That can not be very informative listing. Specially because there are a lot of people wasting time to seek out updated blogs who end up visiting some semi-dead blogs.

HAMRO CIRCLE is an attempt to have short list of our favourite Nepali blogs.
The site simply features blog-roll concept in Blogspot. It is mere a collection of Active Nepali Bloggers. I must warn, however, that some blogs which are famous enough have not been listed there because they are not blog, but rather are working as news agency. (I can not remain without praising their efforts. but, they are not blogs anymore.)

So, if you are Nepali blogger, please bookmark the site: HAMRO CIRCLE.


  1. dai what is the valid feed URL of Hamro Circle
    i want to put on my blog

  2. yeah, a grt effort....
    but one thing, it must cover updated nepali bloggers blog.. till now, we have very less in hamrocircle.... so, keep on updating new one....
    once again, thank u very much dai.

  3. the idea was very good..making sound like some blog sphere with blogspot.
    can i listing on there..?

  4. @torasham:
    thanks for the interest, but you have to be nepali active blogger.


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