Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fixing Hibernate problems in Windows Vista System

I went into an apparent problem with my Dell INSPIRON6400.
After cleaning up my "un-necessary" files from Disk clean-up utilities, I lost the ability to hibernate the computer.
This would be a big issue for me as I need to hibernate the system for quick wrap up.
I have found a great solution online about this problem.
The details are here HOWEVER,

I am going to write a quick how-to on it.
  • Go to start menu, type command
  • Do not press enter key, just right click on it; RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR
  • type powercfg -a
  • (to see if there is hibernate option)
  • type powercfg -h
You should be able to see that the Hibernate option is revived!!! (If not: GOD BLESS YOU!)

I must thank for writing such a nice tips.

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