Monday, April 21, 2008

What was Google doing with My Firefox?

With trust upon the google pack, Firefox came and replaced previous version. I installed it and continued to use it.
Then started the problems of freezing from time to time. (2GHz and 2 GB Machine, Even when no scanning/heavy process was on the background.)
Frustrating, Right?
I found that I was kinda moving towards the Opera and or Flock Browsers, but since I have 20 add-ons (which I love); I was sad that FF was getting slow or having problems.
Then, one day I started to see whats going on!
When I installed Firefox from Google pack, it was 23 MB. I was amazed to see the size.
I was really surprised to learn the size more than anything else.
Because I knew that it used to be small like about 5 MB or so.

My initial motivation, to download and install firefox, when I was using dial-up in Nepal, was the fact that IE used to take century to update while FF got its way preety quickly. Moreover, it was safer.

Enough is enough!
I determined that I must get rid of the FF from google pack and get pure one.

Now, when I installed it from {which is re-directed to (} ; It is only 7.4 MB as shown. Moreover, there is no freezing problems or anything else with all extensions and ad-ons intact.

So the question is: What the rest of 15.6 MB was doing in my computer???
I am scared with an extra exe file that can be associated into FF by them.

Moreover, I am running Norton Security Scanner and Spyware Doctor etc from the google pack.
Shall I continue using that???

(I am not expert on other kind of memory test or else, just a normal user. My point is under the similar situation, simple one works.)

Side note:

You can get the FF3 Beta3 here:
Windows US English Download:

The release note is worthy of reading:
Not perfect yet for normal users.
The known issues are listed here:


  1. same problem here... its slowing and it interrupts lots of my work because of freezing... annoying with this things happening.

  2. Well it’s true that I am working in an IT company but still it’s hard to understand this TECNITION LANGUAEGE. For me history is more interesting then this. AH!!! That old ear ashoka and akbar I love to read about them.

  3. hello mate, this is cathrina, your blog is a nice one and ur right about the mozilla firefox...keep posting like this..Here's my blog, do check it :

    bye & take care..


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