Friday, March 7, 2008

Spring Started!

Spring Started!

It was so nice outside that I walked all the way to the University. There are traces of the snow piles, lying around and trying to survive the heat. Ultimately, they have to melt.

The weather forecast works! It works because they keep it updated.
They had predicted it to be such nice weather compared to freezing one last week.

With the arrival of Spring, Spring fever will hypnotize people for a while by now. People will get out of their air-tightened apartments and dwell in grass. Walk in the open land and feel the fresh air.

So, finally the snow seasons of winter is gone. Everyone looks cheered.
I have to say that this winter was a mild one. Not too much drop in minimum temperature. Some people say that it used to be very very cold. Is it the matter of discussion under the global warming?

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  1. हिँडेर जानु को मज्जा त बेग्लै छ, जस्तो कि क्यान्डल लाइट डिनर ।।।।।।। तर यहाँ वास्तविकता नै यही छ - सँधै क्यान्डल-लाइट अनि सँधै लेफ्ट-राइट !!!


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