Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mar22, 2064 AD

Mar22, 2064 AD

In 2025 we got excited by the innovation achieved by human kinds. We were able to develop nano-robots: nanobots. These tiny robots could be inserted into body and they could travel into our vascular system to reach the neurons. Initially it was designed to heal some neurological diseases, but later it was found that they could also be used to make the neural connections in the brain. Thus medical subjects could plan to get new connections and could heal some broken neural connections. This led to exciting development in the field of neuro-science by 2031. By 2033, another milestone was achieved : the instructions could be sent to the nanobots by broadcasting the wireless signal and they used same mechanism of hemoglobin for their energy supply. They could absorb the oxygens from blood and use it as fuel (The details are still kept under top secret).

Suddenly something bad happened, they started to extract the Irons from the hemoglobin and used it to reproduce similar structures. Robot Reproduction!. They needed more oxygens and irons. By 2050, the entire planet was under their control. There were nanobots present in every brain. And they controlled every brain on the planet. Age of Slavery was back. There was no need to make new robots. Humans were robots, by definition....

Inspired by:
i am Legend
"robot": A keyword search in
Machines 'to match man by 2029' (

(to be continued ...)


  1. Azlan Hussain (the online business boy)February 17, 2008 at 6:03 AM

    cool.. you nearly make me think it was real.. BTW you have a very nice country. Been there few times,especially in Thamel.. would love to come back again soon..


    PS: Great content.. You deserve it

  2. wow ! wat should be the situation that time.....anyway thanks for a flashing this news hehe......


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