Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sick of internet speed!

What if you wait, wait and wait and she does not appear?
Waiting is pretty creepy job. and I am waiting for her.
Its 4.30 AM in the morning. As I have realized that Kathmandu is colder in feelings, I am now equipped with double layered jacket. But she is not appearing and there are no signs of appearance. I have my confidence, she has the power. Who wins.
I am reloading my expectations. still making me wait.
After a long waiting, and after my great test of patience, she appears. It is damn, internet connection. Now she appears ugly, I kinda hate it!
Now, I am really sick of internet speed. I can not blog, I can not write emails, I can not be connected!
OK, I give up !
I give up to think on what my 100th post is going to be.
I really need a strong music to refresh myself.
See you later!


  1. Now you have knew the reality.Think what other's have done?? hehe

  2. Ha ha ha now I can say WELCOME to Nepal. And try to used cable net its fast. At list my net is fast.

  3. Bedu teri boli bole to ekdum jhakash.

  4. I am a speed testing field and checking speeds of internet of various users on their request. I prefer check-speed dot com as a mode to check speed.


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