Monday, November 12, 2007

DayLight Saving Offset

After Nov.4th, US-EST time has been moved back to one hour earlier than what it used to be.
This is Daylight Saving.
But my body also has a clock.
It knows at what time do I need to sleep, get up and eat.
Now I feel hungry at the same body time but the clock says it is 12!
Hell, I can not convince myself the fact that the alarm is ringing, inside my body.
Even after a week into the Day Light Savings, I feel the same.
Sunday, I tried to sleep up to 8AM, I could not. I kept myself waking up at 7.30, 7.45 and finally I gave up at 8!
At least, I tried to.
These are effects of not being able to adapt quickly into new rules.

I think more nice ways to explain Day Light saving time are given in:
wikipedia featured article:

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