Tuesday, November 6, 2007

No Phone Call?

No Phone Call?

It is quite weird that I am doing some programming and its not going quite OK. No, No, it is not weird that program has gone crazy, it is a regular trouble. I enjoy it. The other regular stuff is missing: Phone call. I have not received a single call tonight! Usually, when I reach home, put my cell into charger and enter the kitchen. i miss some calls in this interval and call them back(with apologies). Talk with friends and laugh a little bit. But it is strange, It is about 11:49, and nobody has called.
Phone service in USA is relatively dear. So, we talk after 9 pm. It is free after that. Friends are connected after 9(upto 12). We share the moments and keep ourselves updated of our situations. We are more connected here, in USA, than we used to be back in our country: Nepal. Everyone knows nearly what the other is doing.
But today, it is weird!
I can not believe it, I look into the phone, really no one called. OK, fine, I am gonna call only on Saturday and i will be calling everyone on my telephone address book (may be this time I will start with z, not with regular A).
I am thinking: may be this is the middle of the semester (everyone busy in assignments/tests ) and everyone may be exactly feeling the same thing: No calls, huh?

Oh wait, some body just called! Let me see who is this?


  1. Oh you are right. I didn't get any call either till now. Talk to you very soon.

  2. NO Calls!!!!! so why don't you call instead... :P
    its common with me, sometime i don't get call for may be 2 or more days... i am use to of it now ;)


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