Thursday, November 22, 2007

Empty Chairs in Dining Room ...

Empty Chairs in Dining Room ...

I had stayed in DD's place for nearly 7+ years.
It was just like being a part of that family. I had been to my family for seventeen years before that.
In DD's place we had set up chairs and tables for six of us. and the chairs were pretty much fixed. Everyone had got the chair. When I came to USA, one of the chairs were empty. Always!
That makes me sentimental.
Moreover, When I was back in my Native place with my family, I used to give turn to my father (Ba)for dinner. Either I or Ba had to eat first and then wait for the turn. We had a little shop and needed to be open till late night and most of the business was around that time everyone would get out after the dinner to our place and would talk. So, We had to do it in turns. When I went to Kathmandu for my education, they had lost the one who would come and ask if he/she wants turn.
Oh! that makes me more sentimental.

This thanksgiving, I realized that how many chairs are there in the whole world which are empty. How many eyes are there waiting for the kids to come back. The families the friends ...

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  1. Well ! I'll publish in Nepali after sometime, Untill then I'm watching video footage of NASA and collecting more information about it.So visit it again.Thanks!


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