Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Non-Spams are also irritating.

I was going through mails and I found that a Google group (which I am subscribed to, and can not afford to unsubscribe) has been bugging me by sending me too many emails. Supplied with too many, means its value decreases. (My brother had told me about it when he returned from the Economics class.) Bombed with too many emails, I finally decided to delete the mails.
By the way, I found that I used to do the same kind of emailing when I first came to USA. I wanted to share my feelings by sending many emails, but later I found that some of those had been deleted without having read once. Because, some of the guys asked me to "resend" the "information" which seemed to be interesting to them after few months. Clear indication of the fact that my mail had been ignored.
May be, that's one of the reason why I am writing in this blog. You are not spamming someone's mail box. And it is readable by everyone whoever visits it.  
Once again, welcome to my blog!

By the way, I am posting too many over here too!
OH NO, I can't get rid of myself!

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