Monday, September 17, 2007

My Dollars!

It had been so long since I stopped converting the dollar to Nepali Currency.
I wanted to view it as it is without doing the mathematics.
And I used to view it "as it is", for example the cost of Milk in Price Chopper has been updated to be 4.04$ per gallon from 3.69$per gallon. (I was wondering about it and found a nice article:
The exchange rate for dollar has been going down. It is particularly disgusting for me because I had exchanged the Dollars at the rate of 1 for 74 while coming to USA. And the worse case: it is now 1 for 65!
I am already in loss!
A rough idea of what the exchange rate has been is shown in the graph
where as for Euro:
One more from BBC:

The graphs are little offset, the actual rate can be seen in:

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