Monday, September 10, 2007

Nepal in wikipedia

I don't know how it popped out!
I was excited to see the wikipedia in Nepal Bhasa: मू_पौ
The main contributor:छ्येलेमि:Eukesh

And was equally excited by the contents नेपालमुख्य_पृष्ठहालैका_घटनाहरुआयोजना:सामाजिक_पोर्टल

It takes a great effort to launch such a huge project. Thanks to all involved for their time and effort !
No doubt, there must be a universal language, but it should not be taken wrong if some people try to save their culture and language. The problem however is how many language can you support?
I know Nepali (national language) Newari (Nepal Bhasa; mother tongue) , English, Hindi, Urdu, Bhojpuri, Maithili and was a very good student of Sanskrit when it was compulsory in school at our time. I had no time to learn Tamang and Gurung language, otherwise I could have listed it too!
So, I was exposed to at least ten languages.
Imagine, if there would be everlasting peace, how we could earn tourists into our country with such a huge social structure and variety ..................................
Language problem/solution in big picture:
Internet has been under criticism as much of the stuff in it is/was in English.
In near future, some people believe that there will be more Chinese stuffs on the net because of its huge people rushing to the web in China. That's why sometimes few Chinese sites are listed in the top ten list in delicious.
Many clever people have started to learn Chinese too!
Anyways, we should be glad that we are aware of our own existence.

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