Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Events! we do remember ...

What was I doing when I heard the 9/11 news?

I can remember it!
I was sitting on a chair in the tea-shop of my bhinaju. And I do remember the couple who delivered me the news. I can also remember his body language and everything he said about the live telecast from CNN.

This case is similar with another incident
I can also remember the place, and time and everything around me when I heard about the killings of the Late king Birendra and the massacre that occurred in Nepal.

Do I remember everything for every moment?
Then I will have the storage problem, I can not install a new hard drive on my brain.

One of my friend had told me that the events of such time are stored deeply in the brain and it depends on how much we can recover it. I used to discuss with my friends about remembering the childhood activities when I was M.Sc. second year student at nepal. We used to discuss whether the brain was recycling the memory. Because we had few friends who were claiming the same thing was going on with them too.
By the way, how is the memory stored in the brain?

Is it that the brain becomes extremely awake/active on such events?
What if we could activate our brain to that level forever?
At least without going crazy!

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  1. As I know and to my case remembering past things and events occurs many times and for many years. But the extent of memory is different for different events and different people. I can remember many cases since my childhood but not all-I am sure.I remember now, when I was 5-6 years old. I was learning to ride cycle in my village and at that moment I had my frens surrounding me and we had great time.I remember the place, some of the frens, the cycle.It was 20 years ago.Many more things are in my brain and I some times talk with my mum to verify my memory.It is very fresh in my mind that the event when my grandmom passed away from this world.I rememver every moment at that time.

    But on the otherhand, we frequently forget many things that happened recently. For example where did you put your keys last morning and you might have hard time to remember it even after few hours.I always forget the names of people I met even today.In our society, our seniors say from their experience that when you are child you have good memopry power and it goes down with your age.And from our experience we know the events which are encountered with close attention or if the information is associated with a stressful or emotional experience its hard to forget such things and it is known as long-term memory. But probably you can't remember what vegetable you ate hmmm....in the dinner of august 2nd. So its a short-term memory.

    The mechanisms by which the brain processes and stores memories is very complex.Memory is necessarily complex, and it has taken scientists more than a century to establish a basic understanding of its elaborate biochemical bases.Research by many scientists have shown that memory is based on a series of biochemical events that induce changes in proteins in a network of the brain's neurons and that a lasting memory also requires structural changes in those neurons.

    Some more questions about memory:

    1. How exactly is an event translated into a memory?

    2. But What happens to memories that last for a while but aren't permanently retained?

    3. Where is the memory stored and what determines where a memory is stored?

    4. I want to improve my memory power, how can I do it? Is it possible?

    Answers of some of the questions listed above can be found from the link given below.It is an article published chemistry and engineering news with title biochemistry of memory.


    Thanx Nabin


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