Thursday, September 13, 2007

Memory helps us to remember :)

Basanta is a good writer and I enjoyed reading his comments on my blog. I think it was more than a comment. It was worth a separate heading on my blog. As a guest. Thanks!

While I was in Central Department of Physics as a master's students I had to remember very long formulas and tricks on tensor analysis and the components of 4by4 matrices. I had to remember those to save time and efforts it would take if I were to derrive it on the spot. Around that time we used to have debates like what is learning? Is it a process of remembering the stuffs so that you become too much familiar with it that you think you have learnt it? But anyway, it is associated with memory. I was really bad at remembering such things so I had designed some tricks on how to remember the mathematical components. I think every one has his/her own style of remembering things. For example to remember the telephone number of friends, I used the trick of some artistic shapes on the key pad of the phone. And it worked well. Though I was not the "walking telephone diary" like some of my friends.

Recently I had heard about a man who could remember many (I don't remember how many) digits of pi. He told that he remembered it as some beautiful picture.

Some links:

There are a lot to remember!

I do clear my cache everytime I exit firefox. So ,at least, my computer has nothing to remember.


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