Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wireless Camping!

As promised, the camping had "all natural" set ups: no electricity. But some people managed to bring the i-pod, there is no escape from the technology!
Have you seen "The Gods must be crazy"?
I got a piece of wire on the camping site, strong and very useful but I threw it out. The wire has been the reason of all troubles: at least, partly. I must say this was the wireless Camping. No wires means no electricity and no electronics!. I remembered my Nag-Daha, Dhapakhel. You can remember your village back in Nepal without the wires, the tents as the home (to make it more interesting, imagine it to be made up of bushes and sticks; just like the bush-man's one).
The most amazing moment was being at the "center" of the Lake in the evening: Quite and Calm. The other amazing moment was the small "krik krik" crackling sounds of the fire woods and the buzz of people in the background.
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, this makes me miss the place.
Thanks Mark (and he misses Ginny a lot, she is in China)

Back to life. Your trouble is others patent!
I had watched the google-presentation on you tube about this theme.
Just use your trouble to create ideas.
Trust me, I am posting through the wireless available in my room (by chance).
I can't go to jungle! These all are captured in sweet memories and in youtube and picassa web album. I think the hang-over will roll back in my blog again and again.
The pictures:

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  1. oho nabin you have become a great writer.Why dont you start writing a book, may be you could win madan puraskar.Anyways i enjoyed reading, Though i read only few lines only( i am not a good reader).


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