Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Thought(s)!

SPAM Counts!

I came to know that most of the spams are sent on Tuesday and Wednesday.
There were 35 spams and 16 mails in my gmail account in three days:Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
While I have received 16 "good" Emails in the inbox and 72 spams in Monday(less) and Tuesday.

Spam filter is working good!

As I am updating this piece, the spam counts are increasing.


I had been expecting comments from the visitors, but I came across the fact that not too many visitors are interested to leave comments. I was putting myself to other blogs in wordpress and blogspot and found that I will prefer to read and pass by, but will not leave the comments. Because writing comments requires asking questions to myself about what I have understood and what should be written. Sometimes the articles are just a random collections of words. So, I don't mind in having the no-comments.

Well, these are random thoughts, Just generated while I sat and started to write. I am glad that I have some materials to keep posting. Some day, I will recollect these random thoughts to make up something good. This is my promise. When will that day come?

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