Thursday, August 9, 2007

Going for Camping at Forked Lake Campsite Lane, Long Lake, NY 12847

Imagine a situation where you have access to no mobile phone, no computers, no internet and no Book!.

Its a jungle.
I am going for complete jungle trip.
I hope that it will be a great experience.
no mobile phone, no computers, no internet !!!
Usually, how many hours do we spent online?
For my case, I leave my laptop "open" after reaching the office at University. And importantly, I love to stay at my office than to stay at my room. So, due to the wireless, my laptop remains connected to the internet. Thats the reason why I have left the signature "sleeping on the keyboard" on my google talk messenger. Some people thought that I was ignoring them, because they saw me online and hit some words for me to get no response [and there is no invisible button like in yahoo messenger ;)].
I can not imagine the pleasure of being there near the beautiful lake and should thank the horizons group for organizing such trip: Specially to Mark and Ginny and all the other nice people working together.

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  1. nice article and really very informative for me.


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