Wednesday, August 8, 2007

For the Record!

How to edit the google page:
1. Go to
2. Enter the G-email id and password.
3. No HTML!
4. Just like word pad interface.
(optional)5. select the style (located on right top corner)
6. update the content
7. publish!
8. view online!
9. not satisfied? Try other layouts.
The webpage needs the followings to be added
add the followings:

about us (founded in ...)
JOBS (?)

For the records, because no one will remember your term in Nepal Physical Society (and some may think that you deceived it)!
I have made the nepal physical society website on google page.
while the enet server holds only the frame page.which is less than 1kb.
So, the site is pretty fast (faster than previous case, in which everything was on slow server).
I have also put the "edit" link at the bottom-right of the page for easy access to edit the page.
Well, I hope this description will suffice to edit the pages for updates.

Previously, I had encountered terrible problems while trying to update the nps website ( The ftp did not work and the control panel they had provided did not work (timed out).
I had requested (lets not take the name) peoples there but got no response. At that time Murari jee (enet) was also out of office and I could not find anyone from the enet office to help me.
Finally, Amit could establish the contact with Murari jee (after he was back to enet (?)).
He helped me to update the content and at the last time to update the frame page.
(it is not so great story for others, but imagine a situation where you have to maintain the website, you are aboard, others are not available to update the page and you are watching the same material on the website for more than 9months. And most terribly all your efforts are gone to nothing, no emails are responded by the peoples to work on the website. I hate to say it but i had started to question the integrity and respectfulness of someone who I adored alot!)

I am glad that my term is finally over.
I have tried to do some little things, (if not great work).
For record:
I have created the google group for nepal physical society (it has 101 members to date).(
I claim that the website listing on APS ( ) website and AAPPS ( is my contribution (by the way, I had emailed them and it has put a weblink to nps, I am excited) .
Also, the database at:
were updated on my request.
I have requested :
but they are not responding, I don't know why!
I hope the to get the link at:
pretty soon.
I was not less dedicated to Nepal Physical Society (not proved, but I am confident).
(22 mins)

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