Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Prashant Tamang on Indian Idol 3

Some people think that he is like a Sanjaya Malakar of American Idol. Some people believe that he is the next Indian Idol. Some vote for him and some simply do not. Well, there are choices.

Prashant Tamang has become a matter of talkies in the colorful screen. There are many blogs dedicated to him, sites to wish him and videos on youtube on his performances. He has a support of public. The truth is that Prashant Tamang has become idol for many people.

Without being affected by bias that he is of Nepalese origin, I can say that his voice is very very nice. But it is also a sour truth that his voice lacks some kind of formal training, lacks some professional touch. Moreover, he just wants to sing some cheap songs. As Udit Narayan Jha suggested, it is not a college idol contest, it is an indian Idol contest.

I am confident in writing that his performances (without formal training) to come to the top ten list of Indian Idol is praise-worthy and wish him all the best.

Wikipedia page on प्रशांत तामांग:


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