Thursday, July 5, 2007


July 4 is the American independence day! Celebrated all over the America.

There was a large fireworks in downtown Albany. It was raining throughout the day, and I was in the Campus worried by the rain. No body wants to get wet!
Around 8:30 the rain stopped!!! and fortunately I had brought the camera with me to my room..........
Great Great Great!!!
I am not alone, walking down to down-town to see the Fireworks!!! many people are driving to downtown Empire state building.
The rain started again, after 5 minutes, I was trapped in mid-way. I better go and see it, I decided.
At 9:15, it started
See the pics (by me) here.
See the clips (by me) here.
Due to t-strom and rain, the program was canceled in many places; but not here!

Well, I am not a student of social history, but I have read (but will not copy and paste from the wikipedia: No more copy, leave it to bookmarks like delicious does!).
Taste of independence is the greatest achievement of the Human behavior.
If you are interested, please follow this link to see what is July 4th.
In anyway, we have been celebrating various things without learning the meaning of that particular occasion: Celebrating this might be Supposed under "one more is added", sounds good?
Nepali people are, specially, very lucky to come across many such occasions. We have about half a dozen New Years, and countably infinite celebrations going around in the country for equal number of Holidays. May be, thats the reason why we are more "Social".

Wikipedia: 4 July
wikipedia Independence day
you tube (search for the key word: fire works)

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