Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Improving Google Scholar Profile Updates

Google Scholar has a great potential to become a powerful tool to scholars. However, as with Google's usual hobby of diving 20% deep into the  pool, and then spring cleaning them. It is hard to not imagine the similar fate for Google Scholar.

1. Recommendations based upon My Citation is like driving forward by looking into the backmirror in a car. Published paper is the summary of things done in the past. There could be a recurring theme in one's profile, but today's  research fields are dynamic. Seeing new items are exciting.
Google Scholar need to look forward.  There is "My Librrary" feature. However, I have never seen any updates which nicely correlates with the items in the library.
The idea is simple: a mixed recommendations based upon citation as well as the "My Library" feature, which is already there!
You can shoot me down by saying that it is your job to search/seek. But, it is not hard to imagine how powerful it could be.  Readcube does better job in this regard.



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