Saturday, December 28, 2013

Bloggerdai meets Lahuredai (@Nayalahure)

Last year we met in Colorado. A blurb from last year can be found here.
This time we met in NYC, while he was visiting along with his family. It is always good to see a friend of long time, spend some time to catch up with each other's life events!!

Recently he has defended his PhD in Chemistry. The abstract along with the blurb can be found in the Nepachem website here...
Recently, he also started a crowd funding project to buy a UV-Vis spectrometer for Mahendra Morang Adarsha Multiple Campus in Biratnagar in eastern Nepal. You can donate here:

Apparently Lahuredai is multi-talented. See the Nepali Folk dance below:

Lastly, I will let him announce to the world. However, I can leak that he is going to start a new endeavor in his career, which is equally exciting and thrilling. Wishing him all the best!


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