Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tomato Model of Updates in Chrome?

"Chrome menu on the browser changes color to green Update Chrome, orange Sync error, or red . " I have not closed chrome for sometime now.
Obviously, chrome updates have been rolled in. The current one is Version 30.X.X.X.
The update notification bar (on the right side of the browser) has changed color from green to yellow. I am wondering whether the color change is triggered by time. Just as if a tomato grew out in the field and it is changing the color from green to red as it becomes more ripe. I am expecting that with time, it will become red. I wonder whether the color change is simply indication of time of rolled updates or if there is something critical in the updates that is urging to be updated?

Here is the notification:
"Google Chrome is out of date because it hasn't been relaunched in a while. An update is available and will be applied as soon as you relaunch."
The notification tells me that it is time not anything critical. Can I wait until it becomes fully ripe?


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