Thursday, June 13, 2013

Twitter Analytics: Y U so late?

Finally, twitter reveals its analytics tools. Just go to and log in with your twitter account. I have this graph showing the trend growing number of followers:
There are also other useful insights for your tweets, waiting to be analyzed on your twi-strategies.

Although it is bit late gift to the tweepals, twitter analytics will prove a valuable asset towards monetizing twitter.



  1. First it told me: "to use this site, you need to disable AdBlock or any other ads-blocking extension you are using, or customize it to show ads on this site."

    After I did that, another message pop-uped:
    At this time, we are only accepting advertisers tweeting in English and based in the US. For more information on eligibility for Twitter Ads, please check :(

    1. Dilip sir! That is quite frustrating!


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