Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kindle Fire HD 8.9" Tablet or ipad?

Some say it is ipad competitor, some say not. I am not sure at the moment. It depends upon your use. If you use your ipad for some specific task, you may be better with the one. However, if you are using ipad mostly for skype, facebook, twitter, or the apps shown in the picture, you may want the Kindle Fire.

So, it is the choice that you make. What is your intended use for the device? Oh, yes! There is Google Nexus too. But I am looking at posts which says that it has poor support for skype.

--> Update: Actually, I think with the slicing price of B&N, the Nook HD+ may also be a good option. It absolutely depends upon your usage... The NookHD+ price gives the best HD screen, selection of Google play store. If you do not need the camera for skyping or something, then installing cyanogenmod may just give you the full tablet experience there!

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