Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bye bye Dear Google Reader, You will be missed!

When I came across Google Reader, I was impressed with the concept of feed aggregation and possibilities of social news reader. I was hopeful that it would become bigger. But it did not and is eventually being closed day after tomorrow.

I used to be one of the power user of Reader. It was very easy to follow favorite nepali/english blog (in short amount of time) and sharing was fun!  Inspired by favorite blog aggregation using RSS and sharing, I made a google gadget for nepali bloggers using python feed parser. (Oh, and Yes, they are also killing the igoogle, where in the GGE I have the gadget hosted... Uff!)

This is really surprising that while Flipboard got to the success point while the reader has to be shut down. (Did you ever hear/try Google Reader-Play?)

Similar idea with the social sharing for blogger is also dead: friendconnect. That's why Google+ looks like an ongoing attempt to cover the losses. But not sure how successfully it will survive the "spring clean up" in the future! Remember they have cleaned up so many nice things.

There are few feed readers trying to cash onto this moment. I like digg reader and Feedly among them. Flipboard and Google Currents are OK. Let's see how long they will survive. Will they survive utill the RSS thing disappears from the web? Time will tell.

On the side note:
The blog list for hamrocircle is too old now, and needs to be curated once more. I see that during last five year, only few oldies have survived (rest are into hibernation for not sure how long). A new set of enthusiastic bloggers have come forward!  This is good! But now I am too busy to subscribe to all the feeds (plus they are killing my favorite reader!). Will try to keep up with the new ....

(and the diggs.rss is broken!)

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