Sunday, October 14, 2012

How many firehouses do we need in a city?

The question can not be more simpler than this: "How many firehouses do we need in any city?" Or how many fire trucks should be planned for a city?
I believe this question has been raised few many times as fires spread in the cities and could not be contained in time. The very recent reference is the fire that broke out in Chaudhari Group. I hear that there were about 4 firefighting trucks trying to contain the fire [Reference to twitter].

Now imagine this: While the fire was burning in the CG factory, what if there were 2/3 more places being engulfed in fire? How can the policymakers even sleep given that it is not improbable to have multiple incidents like that?

Heck, there are many other issues which needs to be dealt with. How many hospitals, doctors or water supply pumps do we need? Forget about the load-shedding!

I do not think that we do not need to blame for any political deadlock to plan for the basic needs and safety of the population. Probably we are waiting for India, China or some other country to donate few firefighting trucks, or build the hospitals, donate the ambulances.


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