Friday, September 28, 2012

Scam: Free $500 Costco Cash Voucher ...

I have noticed that couple of friends have already been scammed by so called " Free $500 Costco Cash Voucher".
The scammers have used a nice trick to trap the people by redirecting people to website with url address something like:
costco. com. something .xx
It is crafty!
It is deceiving in the first look as there is in the url. However, it is subdomain for that something .xx website where the script is running.
The first step gets the code and in the second step, you are simply allowing it to post on behalf of you. As you can see below, the app ends up posting on your behalf and the scam spreads faster since "you" posted the advertisement.
The app puts three pictures in your profile.

Note the URL at the top. It is dot tm website. The attention and steps are very convincing!

Whenever you "allow" an app, keep the permission to "only me" so that such scams will not spread too fast.

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