Saturday, July 21, 2012

HTC aria screen cracked :(

I dropped it! I was in parking lot, after a long drive to our apartment.

It took about half second for the phone to drop from the height of about a meter, from my hand. I saw all of it, falling... facedown into that hard concrete, and the sound of it.... crack!!!
Cracked screen, htc aria.
Now I am thinking of buying this screen replacement for HTC aria. HTC AT&T Aria Touch Screen Digitizer Replacement + Engraving Pen Tool Keychain I hope it will work. Anyone with similar experience?

Edit: Fixed the screen! REad here!



  1. Not exactly same ...but I also have bitter experience like this.

    My 'Nokia' was on a table, covered with a piece of a4 paper. Without knowing that there is a mobile under the 'paper', my 4 years old daughter hit the paper with an hard object.

    I think the sound must have been exactly as you heard when your htc dropped--- crack!!! :( !


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