Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Google's Cloud "Drive" too little too late

Rumors say that Google is going to launch its own cloud storage for the users. With dropbox, Sugarsync, Box and many others offering the cloud storage, it seems that Google is a late comer to dive into the cloud.

Let me remind you that Google already offered docs, picasa and many other free services which were effectively service-based storage (where?).

In the beginning days of Gmail, it was quite impressive to have few GB of free storage in Gmail while everyone else was offering few MB at the time: (remember the excitement of getting Gmail for the first time?).
Most of the Google's products growing out of the lab, as they claim, are the product of the 80/20 projects. However, somehow it seems, Google missed to allocate that 20% of the time for cloud-app development. Just, my guess. Now that there are already available services, it has to hit the market with a wow factor when it launches the cloud service.
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I appreciate Google's efforts to emphasize the collaboration and its possibilites. And I am sure it is going to be reflected in the cloud too. In fact, application like dropbox is being used by many as a place to share folders and collaborate on many fronts. However, it seems people take Google as the search engine, an advertising agent, or an Email provider. And, Google is working on to change such impression. The Google+1 project is such attempt to bringing Google products in focus, and be used in collaboration. Therefore, cloud is inevitable. And, that makes me wonder why Google took too long to jump into the cloud?

Will this product be able to float? Only time will tell.

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